New Zealand Hunting Information

There are many trophy deer hunting outfitters here in New Zealand, so why would you hunt with Ample hunting?

Location, We are one of the closest New Zealand Hunting destinations from the USA, Just 75 minutes to the lodge from Auckland International Airport, (which is your only available international airport you can fly to from the US.)  

Because of this you can hunt the day you arrive in New Zealand, you won't need to find a hotel in New Zealand to spend a night in before your hunt, also we are 2 to 4 hours closer than all South Island Destinations


“If you are looking for an unforgettable hunt in New Zealand don’t look further than Ample Hunting”
Nicole Pugliano Montana 2010 


Firstly we are experienced, not just with outfitting and guiding but also being guided, over my entire trophy hunting career I have had some great and no so great experiences with other outfitters both here and in the US it is with that invaluable experience we have taken the best of lessons learnt and applied only the good with our hunting business.

“This was a lifetime dream that has become reality for us, thanks to Ample Hunting”
Tim Cabay Alberta, Canada 2010


The land... we hunt Red Stags, Fallow Bucks, Rams, Goats and waterfowl on is our own; this property has been in our family for over 100 years, you could say we know it like the back our hand. Personally I have hunted here for nearly 30 years it is with that “local knowledge” that brings experience and great success.

“We left with six sets of horns and wonderful memories. BJ and Annabel did a great job of making our Hunting dreams come true, what a phenomenal time we had in New Zealand”
Roy and Angie Fowers Utah 2010


We work very hard to ensure your New Zealand hunting experience is as good as it possibly can be, our attention to detail with personal requirements will be proven, a list of previous hunters whom have hunted here can be given to you on request so you can ask them the hard questions, this list of references will be updated each year so our most recent performance’s can be checked by you.


What we do here is exclusive to you, I have hunted in an environment where I felt as though I was competing with the other hunters in the lodge, this is your hunt and your experience and our job is to concentrate entirely on that.

Luxury lodgings and great cuisine.

A peaceful relaxing experience, comfortable beds great food and wine, we make no excuses for you maybe “gaining a little” while you stay with us.


With us you hunt! we don’t operate a small enclosure or back paddock adjacent to a Stag Farm, we hunt a vast area of approximately ten square miles in total and you can expect to see up to thirty Red deer on any given day, stags and hinds.

We hunt amongst mostly native New Zealand bush, willow and poplar plantation as well as some open country.

"How wild and smart these animals really are - can you get close enough before he sees you”
Wes Albert Canada 2010


Flights from North America leave the West Coast and fly overnight to Auckland, this takes around 12 hours, a connecting domestic flight from Auckland to Gisborne takes 50 minutes, we offer complimentary domestic airport transfers, (pick up/drop off) so your guide will be waiting for you when you arrive and then a scenic 20 minute drive to the lodge where your hunting adventure will begin.


There are no nasty bugs, spiders or predators in New Zealand, a Bee sting is worst case scenario. No vaccinations are required to visit New Zealand.


Your Venison may not be taken home to overseas destinations from New Zealand without an Export licence. Cuts from your animal may be consumed during your hunt stay providing it has sufficient time to age .


If it is a five day hunt you book then that is the duration we allow you to stay, we do not end your stay with us if you tag out early, this may happen with some outfitters but not Amplehunting.  

Our seasons are the opposite of that in the northern hemisphere our autumn is March—May, Winter June---August.

We hunt here from mid February to August; due to our great climate here on the East Coast of the North Island, our winter months are seldom cooler than 45 degrees F (8 degrees C) and it rarely snows.

Here are some indicative temperatures during hunting hours for months hunted in Gisborne, New Zealand.

Feb 70-90 F, 21-30 C
Mar 60-80 F, 15-27 C
Apr 60-75 F, 15-24 C
May 50-70 F, 10-21 C
Jun 45-65 F, 8-18 C
Jul 45-65 F, 8-18 C

All species can be hunted in New Zealand during the months above, the rut for Red Stag is mid March to mid April.

Trophy Goat and Arapawa rams and Turkey’s can be hunted all year.

Duck hunting in New Zealand is only available May and June

Trout fishing is available 1st October to June 30th.


New Zealand is a gun friendly country bringing your firearms here is relatively easy we will forward you the necessary documents (firearm importation doc.) with a hunter release form when you book.

We have rifles here which you are welcome to use, they are set up well, are accurate and have quality optics, a complimentary session on our rifle range prior to your trophy hunt is recommended. We recommend you use a caliber .270 or similar, 7ml mag. 300 mag. are ideal.

Your guide will advise you on shot distance and bullet placement most shots are 100—300 yards.

We can film your hunt or arrange a professional cameraman to capture your hunt of a lifetime.

During the hunt you may add additional species, hunts conducted in June and July can include the shooting of a Red Hind or Fallow Doe.

We will arrange transport of your trophies to our taxidermist at no additional cost; we will provide all paperwork for taxidermy and or expediting.

Limits on ammunition for international travel to New Zealand is 5kg’s (11 pounds) you would not require this amount, 40 rounds is adequate..


Please note; we are 35 minutes drive from hunting store, most of the gear required can be purchased before your hunt.

Boots: Good ankle support essential, light and waterproof preferably with soft rubber sole for stealth, I prefer a GORE-TEX lined boot ,light and fast drying, I got three hard seasons out of a pair of Cabela’s ‘Whitetail Extreme”400 gram thinsulate with scentlock they were a good all round boot well suited to New Zealand hunting conditions.


Waterproof, warm parka and pants.

Preferably camo, light and fast drying Cabela’s “RAIN SUADE” or MTO50 GORE--TEX is very good.

Pants X 2 preferably camo

Shirts X2 (one polar fleece or similar)

Long john first layer especially for winter months.

Fleece hat, (insulated) especially for winter months.

Insulated gloves especially for winter months

Camo facemask especially if bird hunting or bow hunting.

Scentlock, scentblock etc. clothing an advantage for bow hunters.

Please note we have a laundry service here, hunting clothing can be washed in an odor/ scent/uv eliminating sportswash.

Binoculars: Bushnell, Nikon, Zeiss, Leica etc preferably 10X. We have a loner pair of Leica binoculars if you prefer to travel light .

Good camera, of course you will get the opportunity to take plenty of photos while you are here.

 Have your New Zealand Hunt filmed and edited.

Have your New Zealand Hunt filmed in HD, your hunt can be filmed, edited and uploaded to Youtube.