Several years ago I contacted Amplehunting inquiring about a father/Son hunt. My plans were for my sons 8th grade graduation in may of 2012. After receiving an email from BJ Holdsworth, I knew I needed to call and find out more about the Father Son hunt.
We talked about Austin's hunting experience and were told that he had oppurtunities for Austin to practise with one of BJ's loner rifles first up on targets then goats and other animals, well before Austin would take a shot at his Red Stag.
Before booking BJ provided several referrals that were from the US. All the hunters I called spoke highly of BJ and he provided a great hunt with numerous oppurtunities to take a great Red Stag, after this I set a date to make the trip to hunt New Zealand.
After counting the days until our trip, we landed at Auckland international airport then rented a car and drove to the lodge, when I pulled into the driveway that evening I felt as though I was meeting an old friend.
Austin and I had the best five days hunting for Goats, Turkey's, Ducks, Possums, Fallow and Red Stags. I think the total was 27 animals. Austin shot 20, he reminds me all the time.
BJ and Tim filmed the hunt which made the trip even better. having pictures and video make the trip last even longer.
Please if you ever want to have the smile on your face like I did the entire trip with Amplehunting contact BJ and book the trip of a LIFETIME.

Bruce White-- Metaire, LA

Stags Stags Stags 011

I wanted to celebrate my retirement by hunting Red Stags in new Zealand. I did my research and Amplehunting seemed to have the best hunting value available. I contacted BJ on several occasions and on each contact he answered every question quickly and in detail. The hunt was beyond my expectations which were very high and I was able to harvest a great red Stag,during my five day hunt. here are the highlights of this hunt and why I would recommend it.
1. This hunting was exciting and challenging.
2. The scenery was breathtaking.
3. My wife was welcomed on the hunt to take pictures and we were able to make a great photo album which will last a lifetime.
4. BJ is an exelant guide and hunter. He understands his animals.
5. The price was truly all inclusive.
6 We received a video of my Red Stag hunt which was well edited by BJ
7. The preperation of the head and antlers before we left to return to the US was an appreciated perk and we got wonderfull photo's of it.

Richard Carlson April 2012.


BJ, it's been almost 2 weeks since I've taken my Red Stag and I'm still hyped-up. Already trying to figure out how I can get back to New Zealand next year.

Had I great hunt and you hung in there for me. Appreciate all your effort and your concern of my successfulness. Real deer hunting, not commercialized. I'll be back.

Thanks for everything,

Stephen Teage, "The Bowman" Texas.

testim StephenTeage

Hi BJ & AL,

Just a quick e-mail to once again thank you for making our hunt in NZ truely a trip of a life time. Your hospitality and hunting are second to none. BJ’s hard work and dedication to the hunt along with Annabel’s hospitality and home cooked meals made this a truely enjoyable trip. The taking of a high quality Red Stag and Fallow Deer were just icing on the cake. I would highly recommend this hunt to anyone. Once again THANK YOU for making our trip, truly a trip of a life time.

Your friends, Chad & Yvette Rice Wainwright, Alberta Canada

st 12

I've now had three hunts with Ample Hunting and would like to take the opportunity to recommend this outfitter to others.

My guide B.J. has put me on to some great trophies during my time hunting there, I have enjoyed the experiences so much that I have booked in next year for another, this time a Gold medal class Red stag. The whole experience from warm friendly hospitality, great home cooking and the good hunting make this outfit well worth visiting again.

Steve Morris | Wellington New Zealand

testim SteveMorris silver medal red stag

I've been hunting twice at Bernard's place with my Dad. On my first trip when I was 13, I shot two goats, one with 33” horns! On my second trip a year later, I shot my first deer using Bernard's moderated 7mm Remington magnum.

James Chapman
| Wellington, New Zealand

testim JamesChapman gal first

I've had two awesome experiences hunting with Amplehunting and each time taken home a fine trophy.

My first trip was in July 2005 when I took a magnificent 22-point fallow buck at a range of a little over 100 yards, just as dusk was approaching. This experience encouraged me to make a second trip in April the following year, with my young son in tow and on the second day of my trip, I was able to secure the fine 14-point red stag I was after. I've thoroughly enjoyed my trips and have recommended Bernard's operation to friends.

David Chapman | Wellington, New Zealand

testim DavidChapman gal 22ptfellow

Many thanks for a good challenge and a GREAT result!

It is with the greatest confidence that I would recommend BJ Holdsworth as a hunting guide.
His attention to detail and determination to provide a good result to his clients is second to none.
BJ has years of experience out in the field and he is willing to pass his knowledge on – I not only shot a fantastic Fallow Buck but also came away knowing a lot more about game hunting than I did before.
If you are looking for the complete package in your hunting experience give BJ a call.

Rob Faulkner | Gisborne, New Zealand

testim RobFaulkner

Free Range Red deer hunting has to be one of the hardest animals to get so when I got the chance to hunt with BJ I took the opportunity. His knowledge of the animals, terrain and elements helped me to take an excellent trophy. With Annabel's hospitality and cooking to top off a great trip.

Karina Livesey | SCI South Pacific Hunter award recipient 2008 | Taupo, New Zealand

testim Karina 09

Our first overseas trip, I was to hunt free range red stags and my wife a long over due holiday. With AMPLE HUNTING we achieved both and more. BJ's hunting expertise, knowledge of the deer and country and his people skills give you confidence throughout the hunt. His range set up for sighting your rifles or familiarising yourself with his is brilliant. Annabel's meals were great and her hospitality made our stay very enjoyable. I would highly recommend Bernard and Annabel's AMPLEHUNTING for your next New Zealand hunt and holiday.

Dave and Jenny Scully | Austrailia

testim DaveScully 09

Although we had three days of what was the worst weather ever seen in Gisborne we still managed to take stags of a life time and a couple of rams to cap off our hunt when the sun finally came out.
I can't say enough about the fantastic time we had with Ample Hunting , hunting stags, rams, goats, along with turkeys.

There was no stress or pressure during the week we spent with BJ and his family which is such a change from other hunts I have done around the world. I look forward to one day returning to do it all over again in a friendly environment with great animals to hunt. thanks again BJ for everything.

Jonno | July 09 | Langwarrin, Australia

testim Jonno july09

My teenage son and I really enjoyed our shooting adventure at BJ and Annabell's outstanding Waikohu Station in New Zealand.
We booked with BJ for a simple five day father/son mixed non trophy hunt in the Land of the Long White Cloud targeting game birds, goats and deer. But BJ delivered us five action packed days of different hunting experiences that we will remember for a lifetime.
Highlights of our trip were many. If I had to pick a favourite it would have been shooting more than 20 of the abundant feral billy goats off opposing mountain faces at ranges up to 250 metres on one of BJs concessions. But, a close second would have to be pursuing feral geese down a mudstone riverbed with Beretta Extrema 2 shotguns in BJs well set up Rhino ATV.
Game numbers on Waikohu Station and BJ's nearby hunting areas are excellent, with plenty of Red and Fallow deer, wild goats, ducks, turkeys and wild geese to keep any shooter happy. The quality of Waikaho's trophy stags was amazing - we viewed one Super Gold red stag at a distance which looked like a horse with huge tree roots growing out of its head.
We particularly appreciated the quality of Ample Hunting Adventures gun cabinet and made good use of BJ's outstanding custom suppressed Kimber 7mm08 which was without doubt the most practical and accurate rifle I have ever hunted with and I have shot a fair few in more than 40 years behind the trigger.
Being Queensland pig shooters we come from a background of fast and furious close range hunting and had never done any long range shooting at game. But after BJ's instructions on Waikohu's in house range we were both able to hit a hand sized target at over 300 metres every shot and were able to drop 21 billy goats at plus 200 metres with 26 shots including one wild shot and a few finishers.
I would not hesitate to recommend BJ and Annabell's Ample Hunting Adventures to any hunter. BJ is a terrific guide, who remained chatty and personable throughout our five days and effortlessly put us onto good numbers of game every time we jumped into the Rhino. Excellent company, excellent food and accommodation. It was in Kiwi speak "choice"!

John and Louis Farrell | Brisbane Australia

testim JohnLouis july2

My wife and I found out about Ample Hunting from a friend who had just returned from a very successful hunt with BJ.After 9 long months of waiting the date finally came for what I had thought would only be a dream - a red stag hunt in New Zealand.After we arrived, we headed for the shooting range with one of BJs incredible rifles.

Then we took off “for a look.” It was hot that afternoon and not a lot was moving at first, but soon I heard my first roar from a stag. We spotted some smaller animals, then a larger one fed out and up behind us. It suddenly spooked and ran back into the bush.I figured that would be all for the night, when BJ said, “There he is!”As soon as I saw all the character exploding out of his head, I knew BJ was right. One shot later and that magnificent animal was mine!

The rest of the week was just as amazing. BJ and Anabel had something for us to do all the time - from the trophy goat my wife shot to the fallow deer, the ferrel goats to the possum and eeling. We even made time for some shopping and a trip to the winery. We left with 6 sets of horns and wonderful memories. BJ and Anabel did a great job of making our dreams come true.

What a phenomenal time we had in NZ !!!!!

Roy Fowers & Angie Johnson | March 2010 | Utah

testim RoyAngie 2010

What a hunt! My father and i only spent 4 days with Ample Hunting but we had an experience we'll never forget. The beautiful landscape, abundance of game, excellent accommodation and food make it a near-perfect all round experience.

We were both extremely happy to bag our 2 trophy Arapawas, both of which came after satisfying stalks. As well as the excellent rams, i also took a massive trophy billy after an exciting stalk as well as red deer and other game.

BJ is a great bloke and an extremely knowledgeable hunter and guide and you will definitely learn a thing or two about hunting after spending a few days with him. I thoroughly recommend you make the trip down and experience this beautiful country with BJ and Annabell at Ample Hunting.

Thanks again BJ.

Alfred & Jim Boudib |
Sydney, Australia

testim AlfredJim boudib09

Unforgettable experience, great hunt, dining and hospitality.
Five days I will never forget.

Everyday was filled with heart pounding excitement.
Hunting stags and fallow in breathtaking scenery are memories I will cherish forever.

A splash of water on the face, quick breakfast and cup of coffee, hop in the ranger and go.
2 minutes later your in Stag country, how can you beat that.

The biggest shock for me was how wild and smart these animals really are. Sure you see many huge deer every outing , but after your done drooling can you get close enough before he sees you?

From the rolling hills with wind swirling in every direction possible to the paradise ducks flying over announcing your position, and yes the deer listen to them, and no they don't hang around for a second look.

Whether it's spot and stalk or patiently waiting in a blind, Bj knows these deer and the landscape very well, he is an excellent guide and sooner than later he will put you on your trophy.

I really enjoyed the challenges presented on my hunt, my wife and I had an excellent time With Bj and Annabelle have 2 awesome trophies for my wall and many memories to share with our friends.

Thank you BJ and Annabelle.

Wesley Albert | April 2010

testim Wesley huge NewZealand fallow

There are truly no words to fully explain the experience that we had with BJ and Annabel at Ample Hunting. From the moment we arrived their focus was making sure our trip was enjoyable and the trip of a lifetime we were expecting. Our week long experience was action packed from beginning to end.

My husband Bill’s package was for a trophy stag and ram which he successful took during the first two days of the hunt while my mother and I were out sightseeing. But BJ was not done with Bill or me yet. Several fun filled days of turkey, duck and goat hunting followed in which we both participated in.

BJ knows his animals. He understands their patterns and habits and that is what makes him successful. He practices quality management that ensures the health and genetics of the animals on his property. BJ will make sure to put you on an awesome trophy animal that you will be proud to hang on the wall. You could not ask for a better PH.

BJ has taken the time to make sure that his firearms are sighted in properly and are deadly accurate. No need to worry about the hassle of bringing your firearm. You can be confident using one of the fine firearms from Ample Hunting’s gun vault with just a few practice shots.

Annabel made sure that my mother’s experience was also a trip of a lifetime even though she is not a hunter, from sightseeing to nature walks there were enough activities for everyone who came to New Zealand and Annabel’s home cooked meals every evening could not be beat!

If you are looking for an unforgettable hunt in New Zealand don’t look any further than Ample Hunting!

Bill & Nicole Pugliano | June 2010 | Billings, MT

testim BillNicole 2010

Where to start! The first words that come to mind are "AWESOME and INCREDIABLE"! My friend and I had discussed the thought of doing a Red Stag hunt in New Zealand. After spending a lot of time on the Internet, I seemed to always be coming back to AMPLE HUNTING, so I took it as a sign. We chose the end of April. After we waited for the long awaited days to pass, we were on our way. The excitement and anticipation was almost like Christmas.

Arrived in Gisborne after a very long flight from Alberta Canada we got settled in, had a good sleep and were ready to go first thing in the morning. I never expected that I would shoot my stag on the first day. I'm still in awe of my elite gold stag and the goat that I chose to shoot. For the next four days, both my friend and I were successful everyday! The country side has the most beautiful landscape as well as being physically demanding. That just added to the laughter and good time we had with our guide B.J. Once we had bagged all our animals, it was time to take the wives out to shoot turkey's and possums and do some eeling.

To everyone reading the testimonials, and who may be thinking of booking a hunt with Ample Hunting, you will not be disappointed!!! B.J. is a one on one guide who devotes his time everyday and all day!

This was a lifelong dream that has become reality for us, thanks to B.J. and Ample Hunting.

Once again we would like to thank B.J. for being a wonderful guide and host. As well as making the four of us feel welcome.

Tim Cabay | 2010 | Alberta Canada

tim cabay super gold red stag

I have hunted in many areas of North America for many species of big game, but I have never had as complete and enjoyable an experience as the one I had with Bernard in New Zealand. It was made even more fulfilling because I was accompanied by my son David and my brother Mike who had joined us as a non-hunter.

Jack Oberlitner | South Dakota

testim JackOberlitner

My Wife Anna and I spent a week with B.J.'s AMPLE HUNTING; this was the best week of hunting I have ever had - period, better than all three safari's in Africa. Great home cooking, great accomodation, great hunting.

Thomas Batt | International hunter

testim TomBatt Utah