Taxidermy / Expediting

The options for your trophy animal fall into two categories.

Either having it mounted here or having it processed and expedited for mounting by your taxidermist.. The later option takes about three months before it can be mounted.

If you choose to have your trophy expedited for mounting by your taxidermist then the most affordable method for shipping is to have the antlers split which reduces crate size, please note antler configuration will resume when skull it joined for taxidermy.

Reccomended Taxidermists




Antlers intact and processed capes ready for shipping.

Trophies in crate,stags with removable antlers.

Mounted heads with Red stag antlers intact and Sika stag antlers removable.

Crate with split antlers inside, this is the most affordable method of shipping due to the small crate size.

A set of Sika antlers split prior to crating, antler configuration will return when joined for taxidermy.