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If you are wanting world class hunting for Red Stag, Fallow Buck, Goat, Ram, Duck and Turkey as well as unbeatable Trophy Trout fishing in New Zealand, then you may be very glad you found us. Welcome to Ample Hunting. 

Our philosophy is simple... with Ample Hunting we base our entire hunting business with only good old fashioned values of integrity, hard work, respect and ethics, we take YOUR time seriously to only provide the best experience for YOU while still managing to maintain a sense of humor us "Kiwi's" are renown for". With that it's pure and simple our guarantee to you is that of maximum fulfillment of YOUR hunting dreams nothing less.

Between us we have travelled to 14 countries and through over 20 states in North America and two in Canada as addition to that I have hunted Whitetail in the US on several occasions, we believe these experiences of being a tourist and a "hunting tourist" we have learnt what is required and expected when travelling abroard. Having hunted for over 25 years and hunted all over New Zealand not to mention spending 300+ days a year "in the field" we have certainly got to know our animals and how to hunt them.

As passionate outdoorsmen we also appreciate what makes a trophy hunter tick---we know the feeling!. Having won the Sika Show (New Zealand's premier hunting show) with "Best Red Stag, Judges Choice" in 2004, "Best Wild Ram" in 2006 and Annabel's "Highest scoring,Ladies Section" Red Stag in 2009 we have shared the spoils of success however we have also been taught, reminded and not to mention humbled by the sight of fleeing animals and bolting Trout! 

In June 2012 BJ was awarded the Master Bowhunters trophy he is THE ONLY GUIDE IN NEW ZEALAND TO HAVE GAINED THIS RECOGNITION.

Because we are not a big hunting business and we only host/hunt one group at a time we are not distracted by others in the lodge or out in the hills, when you come down and hunt New Zealand with us it's all exclusive and you call the shots. Because we hunt right here 10 minutes from the lodge we don't waste your valuable hunting time by travelling each day. 

 We would certainly appreciate the oppurtunity to share our piece of paradise with you and not only take a great Red Stag but leave New Zealand with many great memories and join the long list of 'Vows To Return" like hunters before you..      

Trophies BJ has taken in his hunting career

Trophies BJ has taken in his hunting career

The Holdsworth family. Maddie (dog) Annabel, Georgia, Luke, BJ. 2015
Feel free to enquire about hunting with us, we will answer any questions promptly and honestly.

BJ with the Number One New Zealand Free range Stag

Two of Bernard's trophy stags have graced the front page of one of New Zealand's prominent hunting magazines.
And a beauty on the cover of Trout Fisher magazine.